California BrainWaves

"Making a Splash in the Neuro Community!"

Our Current Needs:

Nonprofit Developer

We need a local Bay Area Nonprofit Developer with experience in Real Estate Development for Special Needs Families.

Nonprofit CPA

We need an experienced Nonprofit CPA.

Grant Writers

We need immediate help with applying to grants.

Professional Videography Team

We need a professional videography team in the Bay Area of Alameda or Contra Costa County. On our YouTube Channel, we will start with filming a neurodiversity talk show where we will interview people in the field of brain and developmental disabilities, caregivers, and those with the disabilities. We will feature products for our special needs community, share resources, and brainstorm creative solutions to our common problems. We will help break the stigma on brain and developmental disabilities. This will also create content for our social media platforms, creating effective marketing. We hope to partner with social media celebs to increase our broadcast. We also need a Videographer for covering our events and shooting our commercials.


We are actively seeking Nonprofit, Commercial. and Celebrity Sponsorships.


Our goal is $20,000/m for start-up costs for the rest of 2022.

expected operational expenses:

$55k Architectural Design Team Phase 1: Renderings

$30k Marketing Team Phase 2: Videography and Events

$15k Legal Team Phase 1: Nonprofit Start Up; Help Local Special Needs Families

$150k HR & Operations Phase 1: Hire First Employee and Independent Contractors


We have a list of programs/teams/committees that may spike your interest! Learn more here.

What are your natural interests, hobbies, talents? Email us at [email protected]

to see how we can brainstorm collaborating together.