California BrainWaves

"Making a Splash in the Neuro Community!"

7H20 Resort Rough Draft Over-View


"Where Special Families Go!"

Our Live/Work/Learn/Play Therapeutic Campuses are specifically designed for Special Needs Families!

The campuses have an environmental conservation theme.

7H20 Resort is STEAM-based. STEAM stands for: Science Technology Engineering Arts Math.

Our design includes apartment complexes, hotel, RV parking lot with full hookups

On the 7th floor of the 7H20 Hotel are 7 restaurants featuring cuisine from around the globe. California BrainWaves hires immigrants from each particular food ethnicity to provide folks with green cards, citizenship, transportation, housing, amenities, careers, medical care, even moving expenses. We try to hire immigrants with kids with brain disorders so the children are provided care they may otherwise never receive. We believe that our community is best built with diversity. We also prefer to hire those with shared experiences of our guests.

Wanna know about the fun you'll have when you stay with us?

Well....we plan to have:

a Water World, Maze World, Carnival World, Mega Lego Land, Art Studio, Sound Studio, Theatre, Amphitheater, Mini Marine Biology Center, Adult Classrooms, Library, Star Lab, Model Building Center, Kaleidoscope Room, Science Center, Communications Hall, a train, two mega long Ziplines that fly over our Gardens/Orchards/Green Houses along with Wind/Solar/Water Power Plants that make our eco resort possible. 7H20 plans to also feature a River, a Waterfall, Forests, Garden Stroll Ways, Art Sculptures, Whale of a Time Putt Putt, Playgrounds, Open Spaces/Fields, annnnnnd a groovin' Ballroom.

Our Sports Complex features: Discus, Disc Golf, Field Races and Relays, Basketball, Punt/Pass/Kick Football, Playground, Obstacle Course, Dance, Thai Chi, and more!

7H20 will boast an affordable, full-service Spa featuring massage, full body wraps, facials, and waxing. We'll have a sensory-friendly nail salon. For hair, we'll have a racially diverse staff of barbers, braiders, and hairdressers for all ethnic hair types.

For everyday life, 7H20 will have a Farmer's Market, Medical Supply Store, Thrift Store, Laundry in-unit and on Site.

24/7 Daycare for All Ages and Abilities.

Bathrooms/Snack Shacks/Coffee Houses will be generously throughout the Resort. Our bathrooms will be designed for special needs' common needs, such as extra toiletries and diapers and pads, hazardous waste disposal, adult and larger child changing stations in all gender bathrooms, family bathrooms, LGBTQIAA+ friendly, trained bathroom attendants, safety features that help prevent elopement, fully private stalls for anxiety, etc. As you can see, we've put a lot of thought into how we all pee.

7H20 will feature Friendship Benches, Sensory Nooks, and Sensory Stations throughout the grounds. 

All areas will maintain a small max capacity, facilitated by trained staff who are on premises 24/7. These designs are so our guests don't feel so overwhelmed, wait in lines, don't have triggers, etc.

PLUS--Pets are Welcome!